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Credit: © Peter Caton / VSO

VSO EU Aid Volunteers Arnoud Keizer and Efrath Silver work with local communities to ensure that people are well prepared for potential floods and other natural disasters




Volunteering is a concrete and visible expression of solidarity allowing individuals to dedicate their knowledge, skills and time to the service of fellow human beings. The EU Aid Volunteers programme enables Europeans to support and contribute to humanitarian projects in the countries where assistance is most needed. This programme gives young Europeans and established humanitarian experts the opportunity to engage with EU values, express solidarity with people in need and create a sense of European citizenship.

This communication plan outlines the communication objectives, key messages, target audience and communication activities under the framework of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, as required by Regulation 375/2014 Art 17.


Communication objectives


  • Raise awareness on the EU Aid Volunteers initiative both inside EU and in countries where volunteers will be deployed.
  • Inform interested communities about the opportunity to engage in EU Aid Volunteers initiative.
  • Promote the value of EU solidarity in action and the EU’s humanitarian aid principles.
  • Create a shared identity of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative on the part of volunteers and participating organisations.
  • Engage with the public to generate support for volunteerism in Europe and worldwide.
  • Demonstrate the value added and impact of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative and its different actions, and the professional contribution of EU Aid Volunteers, notably to EU citizens, Member States, potential participating organisations and host communities.


Key Communication Messages


1) We Care, We Act: The EU Aid Volunteers initiative is a tangible expression of European solidarity with people in need. It boosts the capacity of the EU in providing humanitarian aid.

2) You Can Make a Difference: The EU Aid Volunteers initiative is open to a variety of profiles, from young people to experts, with the skills to help meet the humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable people.

3) Power Through Local Action: The EU Aid Volunteers initiative aims at strengthening the capacities of local communities and organisations to deal with disasters.


Target Audience


  • European citizens especially those interested in humanitarian aid, in volunteering, humanitarian/professional audiences.
  • Potential participating organisations.
  • Media.
  • Interested communities and the general public in the countries where EU Aid Volunteers come from and in the countries in which they are deployed.
  • EU institutions, MEPs, governments, other key donors and stakeholders.

Last update: 14/10/2016